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Module-Level Rapid Shutdown Device BFS-11 CE Certified


    • Module Level Rapid Shutdown
    • Manual Shutdown by button switch
    • Automatic Shutdown on AC Power Loss
    • Over temperature Automatic Shutdown
    • Compatible with most string inverters and panels
    • No cross-talk with inverter or WIFI
    • Shutdown panels to 0V at 8μs
    • 25 years warranty


BFS-11/BFS-12 is a module level rapid shutdown device offers fire safety for solar rooftops and buildings, remains the rapid shutdown function period the solar PV system whole working life.


An emergency button switch is required to initiate the rapid shutdown operating, as a trigger place on the ground and easier to reach.


The communication cable on the rapid shutdown device should be connected in series and wire to the button switch.


So the button switch can control the BFS rapid shutdown devices.


A communication that is no cross-talk with the inverter or WIFl source.


Each BFS-11/BFS-12 device can hold solar modules output at max 120V in total, the modules connect in seriles as solar stringgoes to inverter as PV system designing..

 One more thing on the rooftop is the connection of BFS-11/BFS-12 RSD and buttonswitch via communication cable.


Note: lf your market requires NEC2017/NEC2020 requirement, we recommend one RSD BFS-11 connects 1 panel(≥40V) or2 panels (<40V); 

BFS-12 connects 2 panels (≥40V) or 4 panels (<40v).


A complete RSD solution

Automatic shutdown the panels when there is a temperature in the area higher than 85°C detected.
Automatic shutdown the panels when the AC power supply loss in the button switch box.
The fireman can manual the button switch to shutdown the panels when emergency.


Model BFS-11
Maximum Input Voltage 120V Single Panel
Or 60V Per Panel (Two Panels In Series)
Maximum Input Current 18A 20A
Maximum Power 2160W in total 2400W in total
PV Input and Output Cables 4.0mm²(12AWG) Cables + MC4 Connectors
PV Input Cables Length 180mm
PV Output Cables Length 1800mm
IP Protection >IP68
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Ambient Operating Temperature -40°C to +55°C
Standard Compliance EN 61646; EN 61000,EN 61215 IEC 60716 draft C(NH3 resistant)
PV Connectors Staubli MC4 (Standard)
Jinko connectors for option
Warranty 25 Years
DC Power Supply for each RSD
Voltage Range 14V ~ 28V
Maximum Current 15mA
Maximum Power 0.2W
Power Supply Cables (Signal Cables) 2×0.823mm² (18AWG) Signal Cables + Signal Connectors
Power Supply Cables Length 1800mm

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