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Battery Energy Storage

Also known as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), rechargeable battery systems store energy from the solar panel system, which then distributes as usable energy to homes or businesses. These battery systems are expensive and require a proper setup for optimal performance.

BENY Electric creates exceptional, custom-built DC breakers designed specifically for photovoltaic, electric vehicle charging stations, commercial battery storages, and other similar applications. Our line of DC breakers offers safe and reliable protection and device isolation.

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Photovoltaic Power

Photovoltaic power generation requires supporting components to regulate and protect the setup from lightning and overcurrent damage. Apart from quality production, clients are looking for quick prototyping and turnaround times.

Responding to the specific needs of the market for photovoltaic power generation, BENY Electric manufactures a line of modular DC/AC electric products utilized to efficiently generate and improve the output of solar power generation at a fraction of the time and cost.

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Solar PV systems on Rooftop of
Residential Building

Photovoltaic power generation for households is focused on generating eco-friendly and green energy for homes through solar power, requiring specific installation tools and methods. Additionally, the market requires compact parts that require minimal space in the household.

BENY Electric supplies your brand with modular equipment to protect solar photovoltaic systems that are perfect for residential use. Our line of DC switches feature contemporary designs and need almost no space when installed.

Solar PV systems on Rooftop
of Commercial Building

Commercial solar power setups are connected to public power grids to generate power for commercial facilities like malls, factories, and other establishments. As such, this market requires DC protection components that can handle long-term use and heavy electrical loads.

An expert in the industry, BENY Electric creates affordable and customized photovoltaic power generation products for your brand. With over 70 molds and rapid prototyping capabilities, our efficient manufacturing process gets you the products you need in no time.

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To protect the climate, it is crucial to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar energy storage systems and electric vehicles play an important role in reducing those emissions. BENY electric provides a full solution that combiner the rooftop solar, energy storage system, and EV charging station. Optimize the load on the grid, reduce the cost of grid upgrades, build smarter and renewable home energy management systems.

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