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Experienced PV Protective Solution Manufacturer

With the investment we placed on our in-house R&D team, we had the first patented DC switch UL508i in China, as well as the first DC-PV2 DC, patented switch across the globe. Our innovations in PV protection products open the door to a long-term partnership with branded solar power providers such as GoodWe and Fronius.

Rapid Shutdown

Our response to the rising demand for better protection among PV systems is the rapid shutdown system. Our system is an automatic and economical fail-safe solution to satisfying market demand for smarter controlling and safety features.

AFCI Solution for Rooftop Fire Protection

Safety is always a key factor among our PV systems, which is why we integrate arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) functions into our protective solution for solar power systems. The feature prevents fire caused by faulty wiring, providing clients with ease of mind when using our PV protective products.

Continuous R&D Investment

BENY Electric invests 20% of our annual sales to our R&D department, giving our professional engineers the funds they need to develop 10 new PV products each year. We aim to put you in a leading position in your target solar power market with our cutting-edge products.

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