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Who We Are Experienced PV Protective Solution Manufacturer

BENY Electric is a trusted manufacturer of protective components for photovoltaic systems across the globe. Our experience of working in the electrical industry for more than 30 years allows us to create solar DC components that comply with the latest DC standards. Through our focus on solar DC protection design, production, and marketing, we can bring brand-building PV protection solutions.

Why We Do It Commitment to Quality

Quality is the primary goal among each of our workshops since this leads to the best performance and safety for any solar power system. Our commitment to quality increased brand awareness for your company. To achieve our goal, our factory complies with UL, SAA, CB, CE, TUV, ISO, and RoHS standards.

How We Do It Staying Updated on Market Trends

Achieving our goals come from formulating new products based on the market demands through our in-house R&D team. Our efforts have led to our first UL508i listed patented DC switch within china and the DC-PV2 DC switch produced for the global market. With our cutting-edge PV protective products, we aim to create a long-term partnership with many photovoltaic companies.

Where We Do It Global Market Reach

BENY Electric is instrumental in the success of numerous photovoltaic system projects across Australia, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Middle East Countries, and much more. We cater to major organizations such as solar power system manufacturers, PV project contractors, and distributors.

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