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PV DC Surge Protection Device

Highly recommended by Top solar inverter companies

ZJBENY brand SPD is highly recommended by SolarEdge, SMA and many top inverter companies, as a part of DC surge protection solutions in solar PV systems.

Type 2 DC SPD for solar PV application

BUD-40/3 is a type 2 surge arrester for DC and photovoltaic application. Protect the solar equipments like solar panels and solar inverter from surges damage and overvoltage. Improve the PV system safety and longer the PV system life.

According to PV standard EN 50539 and IEC 61643

The DC SPD complies with PV standard EN 50539-11 and future standard IEC 61643-31:

Low-voltage surge protective devices-Part 31: Requirements and tests methods for SPDs for photovoltaic applications.

ZJBENY is the first company in China tests SPD to the PV standard and the SPD is suitable for true RoHS. We are supplying the surge devices and solutions to top inverter companies worldwide.

Plug-in MOV modules

The BUD-40/3 surge protection device is consisting of a base part and 3 plug-in high energy MOV protection modules. Remote signalling contact for monitoring device is for options. With thermal disconnect mechanical inside for fault indication by red indicator flag.

600Vdc, 1000Vdc are available, with TUV certificate.

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