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Japan pushes for more residential PV

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) intends to further support the installation of rooftop PV systems across Japan, according to Businessweek. The government plans to grant low-interest loans to solar developers that will borrow residential rooftop surfaces to install small-sized PV systems. According to the article, the loans will be granted by Development Bank of Japan Inc., which is 100% owned by the Government of Japan. According to the proposal, homeowners that will lease their roofs will be able to receive at least 10,000 ¥ to 20,000 ¥ ($97 to $194) annually for the renting of the surfaces, while solar companies will sell the output of the PV systems to the national grid. At the end of March 2013, Japan’s cumulated PV power has reached 6,707 MW. In early April, Japanese government has cut the country’s FIT by 10%. This means that PV systems installed in Japan from April 1 receive a FIT of ¥37.8 (39¢) per kWh for 20 years, compared to the previous rate of ¥42 per kWh.
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