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ZJBENY attend SNEC for first time

20-22nd May, withholding the idea of “Making photovoltaic safer”, ZJBENY attend SNEC 2014 as our second attempt to enlarge local market. We exhibit last developed new styled isolator switch and monitoring module which attracts a lot of inquiries and buying intentions, win an extremly wonderful result.
      As the main recommended product at this exhibition, our string combiner box BHTZ-20, using powder coated stainless steel as body case, whose protection grade meets IP65, can suit various harsh and complicated environment, considering the requirement of cooling, dust-proof, anti-corrosion and chemical resistant. The combiner box adopting electric components produced by self, have a resonable distribution wihout additional DC power supply, and use MODBUS 485 communication protocol to get a good compatibility with background monitoring software developed by third party.
      After years of accumulation, SNEC has become the most international, professional and large scale photovoltaic exhibition in China, even Asia, focus on showing solar engineering and innovating technology, attracts approxmate 3000 companies and hundreds of throusand of visitors. 

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