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Benyi Electrical participate Solar Solution, Amsterdam, aim at Dutch PV market

As a company firstly shows at Netherlands PV market, Benyi Electrical participated the 2nd International Solar Solution at Expo Haarlemmermeer, Amsterdam from 16th to 17th April with the main product, DC switch and PV string combiner box.

This time, in order to boarden the view, communicate and creat an image, Benyi Electrical use this opportunity to discuss and negotiate with visiting customers and distributors for enlarging the influence and popularity between local industry. And there are many exhibitors and downstream manufacturer visiting positively for co-operation. Moreover, it is perfect for investigating the real demand of local market and features of products from competitors, helps to provide products more pointedly.

The Dutch solar market as one of the fastest growing European markets. The number of companies who offer solar panels and related products has risen spectacularly from less than 300 companies in 2010 to over 1000 now. As the most influent exhibition in the nation, Solar Solution has attract the attention of most of local companies and them from neighboring countries such as Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and etc.

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