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A Guide to Combiner Box – From Basics to In-Depth Choices

What Is Solar Combiner Box?

In the PV power generation system, the combiner box is a wiring device that ensures the orderly connection of PV modules and the function of combining. The device can ensure that the PV system is easy to cut off the circuit during maintenance and inspection, and reduce the scope of power outage when the PV system fails.

Combiner box means that the user can connect a certain number of PV cells with the same specifications in series to form one PV series, and then connect several PV series in parallel to the PV combiner box. inverter, DC power distribution cabinet, PV inverter, and AC power distribution cabinet are used together to form a complete PV power generation system, which can be connected to the grid.

How The Solar Combiner Box Works?

The function of the PV DC combiner box is to combine the DC wires of several solar cell module strings into a DC circuit, and then connect to the inverter. The DC combiner box can realize multiple inputs and multiple outputs. The input depends on the number of PV strings and PV panels, and the output depends on the number of inverters. The AC combiner box is one more input and one output. The function of the combiner box is to collect the current.

image 10
<3 input 1 output DC Combiner Box>

Application Scenarios Of Solar Combiner Box

1. Solar PV Systems On Rooftop Of Residential Building:

PV power generation for households is focused on generating eco-friendly and green energy for homes through solar power, requiring specific installation tools and methods. Additionally, the market requires compact parts that require minimal space in the household. In general, the IP65 PC enclosure combiner box of BENY 600v is suitable for this kind of residential PV panel, which adopts modern design and greatly reduces the space during installation.

2. Solar PV Systems On Rooftop Of Commercial Building:

Commercial solar power setups are connected to public power grids to generate power for commercial facilities like malls, factories, and other establishments. As such, this market requires DC protection components that can handle long-term use and heavy electrical loads. In general, a 1000v IP65 PC enclosure combiner box is suitable for this commercial PV system, BENY Electric creates affordable and customized PV power generation products for your brand.

3. Large PV Power Plant:

PV power generation requires supporting components to regulate and protect the setup from lightning and over-current damage. Apart from quality production, clients are looking for quick prototyping and turnaround times. In general, the IP65 enclosure iron box of BENY 1500V combiner box is suitable for the construction of such large PV Power Plant projects, which are used to efficiently generate and improve the output of solar power generation with very little time and cost.

image 11
6MW DC Solar Project
Address: Kerta Solar Farm, Lot 2 kerta road, SA, Australia
DC Isolator: BH-400 4P 1500V 400A AS60947.3

BENY Solar Combiner Box

BENY combiner box can meet the customized needs of customers. The AC/DC side combiner box can be determined by replacing the built-in components. Combination box that use both DC and AC components are also very powerful. It can be placed between the PV panel and the inverter, excellent over-current and over-voltage protection, one combiner box realizes the functions of two general combiner boxes on the market, saving customers’ purchase and installation costs. BENY combiner box has got TUV certification, and the built-in components comply with UL, CE and other international certifications. BENY is your trusted partner.

1. Upgrading of BENY Combiner Box

In order to meet the market demand and keep up with the ever-changing changes in the PV industry, BENY combiner box has made a major upgrade: the original DC combiner box has built-in main components including DC isolator switch, DC fuse and DC surge protector. The new combiner box successfully replaced the built-in isolator switch and fuse with circuit breakers, increasing work efficiency and space utilization while reducing costs. Whether it is the original version or the current version of the combiner box, the components used are all independently developed and manufactured by BENY. Such components are updated and continuously researched and developed, which many companies cannot do. This is the advantage of an excellent industry and trade integrated company like BENY.

image 12

2. Featured Function Description

①AFCI:PV intelligent arc detection combiner box is used in various PV convergence occasions. It can be matched with PV inverter and DC cabinet products to form a complete PV power generation system. It can remotely control switch closing and switch opening to realize intelligent automation. And real-time detection of the power generation current, voltage, combiner box temperature, lightning arrester status, DC vacuum contactor status and DC arc fault status of the PV system strings, and communicates with the host computer through RS485 to realize automatic alarm and detection of abnormal status. Whether there are harmful substances in the DC circuit, once there is a harmful arc, an alarm signal is immediately sent to directly drive the trip coil circuit to disconnect, thereby effectively preventing safety hazards such as fire caused by the arc. Conventional circuit breakers only respond to overloads and short circuits, so they do not protect against arcing conditions that produce erratic, and often reduced current. AFCIs are devices designed to protect against fires caused by arcing faults in the home electrical wiring. The AFCI circuitry continuously monitors the current and discriminates between normal and unwanted arcing conditions. Once detected, the AFCI opens its internal contacts, thus de-energizing the circuit and reducing the potential for a fire to occur.

image 13
<AFCI Combiner Box BHSZ>

②Monitoring device with power

The BENY combiner box has a monitoring device, which can download specific software on the computer to monitor the status of the box near the combiner box, control the data in real time, and avoid the danger situation.

3. BENY Door Clutch Combiner Box

Internal components:

①DC Disconnect Switch 1000V 50A BYSS Series UL Listed:

UL508i approval, IEC60947-3 PV2 Cut off reverse current and over current
Door clutch easier operating and lockable handle
Patented DC arc extinguish chamber
Magnetic Steels inside ensure rapid and safe extinguishing  

②DC SPD Type2 1000V BUD-40/3 IEC:

New IEC 61643, UL1449
Designed for solar PV protection,
Higher capacity In 20KA ( IEC, UL ),
Response time <25ns

Door clutch combiner box has MC4 connector, no wiring required for easy installation. It can realize the plug-and-play.(general combiner box can also be customized with MC4 connector)

image 14
<Door Clutch DC Box BHS-1-1>
4. Comparison with Combiner Box on the Market

①We sell the door clutch combiner box, the isolator switch is placed on the surface of the box for easy operation, and the price is also cheaper than the general combiner box.

②The 1500V combiner box is mainly used in large PV systems. The internal 1500V circuit breaker is bulky and takes up a lot of space. It is also difficult to install and expensive. BENY has been upgraded to resolve this problem. BENY replaced the super-large 1500V circuit breaker with BH series isolator switch and fuse, and achieved good results in reducing the cost and volume of the combiner box.


With the increasing popularity of PV systems, the sales and production of PV modules have received continuous attention. The combiner box is an indispensable component in the PV system. How to select combiner box brand is very important. The combiner box provided by BENY is of first-class quality, perfect performance. The customized sales is a major feature of BENY combiner box, which has received high praise from many customers so far. Contact us now to get combiner box quotation and latest industry information.

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