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UL listed 1000V 1500V 250A DC Switch Disconnector


Solar DC Switch Disconnector BH-250: 1000V 1500V 80A-250A UL listed

Solar DC switch disconnect up to 1500V 250A UL listed

One BH-250-4P DC switch disconnect can hold two 1000V strings, current range from 80A to 250A.
One BH-250-3P switch can hold one DC string at 1500V, current range from 80A to 250A.
BH-250 series solar disconnect is developed for 1000V 1500V utility-scale photovoltaic power plants.

Key features

UL98B listed DC switch
2P 4P 1000V 80A-250A
3P 1500V 80A-250A
Cost-efficiency to the solar plants
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