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Rapid Shutdown combine AFCI

A most cost-efficiency, plug and play easy installed Module Level Rapid Shutdown solution 

With Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) meets NEC2017 609.11 and 609.12

* NEC 690.11—Arc fault protection (protects against arc faults due to loose connections, damaged wires or other DC component failures)
* NEC 690.12—Rapid shutdown (provides a means for first responders to safely de-energize controlled conductors)
* NEC 690.15—DC combiner disconnect (opens all ungrounded circuit conductors from all sources of power)

An external third-party MLRSD + AFCI solution work with any brands panels or inverters.

For integration in battery-based systems and on-grid PV systems and improve the fire safety.

3 ways to shutdown the panels to 0V and AFCI per strings

*Manual emergency button switch off
*Automatic shutdown at inverter AC power loss
*Automatic shutdown when the temperature over 85℃

*UL 1741 listed RSD 
*UL 1699b listed AFCI box

Plug and play easy installation

Each BFS rapid shutdown unit operates two solar panels and is positioned behind the panels and attached to the panel mounting frame. 
The BFS units are connected in series using plug-and-play connectors and the signal cable is then taken to the button switch, which can be situated anywhere easy to reach. 

As soon as the safe switch is activated, the BFS "shuts-down" the solar panels by isolating all the DC cabling in the building right back to the rear of the panel installation. 
In a larger, multi-storey building, a number of Button Switch units can be located in multiple zones around the building, or on different floors as required.


* 20 years for each BFS rapid shutdown units.
* 05 years for the emergency button switch.

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