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Rapid Shutdown

2017 NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown – Important Changes

NEC 2017 calls for module level rapid shutdown of solar systems instead of NEC 2014's array level shutdown requirement. 

Starting Jan.1 2019 when NEC 2017 goes into effect in certain jurisdictions, all conductors within an array's 1-ft boundary have to be reduced to 80V or less within 30 seconds of rapid shutdown initiation.

Rapid Shutdown


The most cost-efficiency and simply Rapid shutdown solution

Beside micro-inverters and optimizers, the BFS rapid shutdown offers one more option which is the most cost-efficiency and simplest solution of rapid shutdown.

With safe button switch for commercial rooftop and also battery-base systems including like outback power inverter. 

As we can see the BFS units don't need to wifi with the solar inverter.
The lest power lost from the inverter 24V to the emergency switch, that is the connection between the rapid shutdown units and inverter.

3 ways to shutdown the panels to 0V, more than NEC2017.

*Manual emergency switch off
*Automatic shutdown at inverter AC power loss
*Automatic shutdown when the temperature over 85℃

Plug and play easy installation

Each BFS rapid shutdown unit operates two solar panels and is positioned behind the panels and attached to the panel mounting frame. 
Good enough for 1200W DC power, so is suitable for most types of solar panel currently available on the market.

The BFS units are connected in series using plug-and-play connectors and the signal cable is then taken to the safe switch, which can be situated anywhere easy to reach. 
As soon as the safe switch is activated, the BFS "shuts-down" the solar panels by isolating all the DC cabling in the building right back to the rear of the panel installation. 

In a larger, multi-storey building, a number of Safe Switch units can be located in multiple zones around the building, or on different floors as required.


* 20 years for each BFS rapid shutdown units.
* 05 years for the safe switch.

Just contact us for a new unit for free warranty service.


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