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DC Isolator Box

Build-in premium solar DC isolator switch

The solar DC switch box BHS-3 is equipped with three newest PV standard DC-PV2 solar DC isolator switches.

Lockable IP65 PC plastic enclosure made from UV resistance and flame retardant material.

The enclosure is without cable glands on bottom and ready for punching out to attach conduit to the enclosure. 

Customized solutions

Door clutch switch is available


* For 4 strings or 8 strings
* DC-PV2 DC isolator

Enclosure: BX-26

* IP65 protect degree
* Lockable
* UV resistance, flame retardant PC material
* Dimension 292*370*132mm

DC Switch: BYT.2a-32
* 1200V 4P 32A
* DC-PV2 category Highly reliable
* IEC 60947.3

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