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600V 2 Strings Solar Combiner Box

Build-in premium solar DC components for maximum protection

BHS-2M 600V solar combiner box is equipped with DC-PV2 disconnect switch and type 2 DC surge arrester. 

These reliable PV components bring maximum protection.
Keep the solar PV roof safe and in good operation condition, longer the system working life.

Customize design and optional 

600V or 1000V versions
With or without fuse holder
We offer more customize solutions for your projects.

Pre-wired MC4 at input and output for faster and easier installation.


* 600V 
* 2 strings input 
* 1 string output

Enclosure: BX-08
* IP65 protect degree for outdoor and indoor
* UV resistance, flame retardant PC material
* Dimension 210*194*120(H) mm

DC Switch: BYT.2a-32
* 1200V 4P 32A
* DC-PV2 category Highly reliable
* IEC 60947.3

Type 2 DC Surge Arrester: BUD-40/3
* Over-voltage protection
* 1000V 40KA
* IEC 61643
* Recommend by top inverter brands

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