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DC Isolator 1200V with MC4


1200V DC isolator with MC4: BYT-32M2

The first DC isolator to AS 60947.3:2018 DC-PV2

DC isolating switches must now have a valid Certificate of Conformity confirming the product complies with AS 60947.3:2018. The brand and all relevant models must be registered to the responsible supplier in the EESS national database and be marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). 

ZJBENY DC isolator switch BYT-32M is developed for Australia solar market and popular in worldwide, It’s the first DC isolator complies with the newest AS 60947.3:2018 standard, has been classified as Level 3 equipment on the ERAC website, and with Regulatory Compliance Mark.

1200V True DC for solar PV application

BYT-32M2 is the 1200V 32A max true DC isolator switch with IP66/67 enclosure for PV application, with pre-wired MC4 connectors, installed between the solar arrays and solar inverter, for isolation the PV array during system installation or any maintenance. The switch must be rated for system voltage (1.15 x string open circuit voltage Voc) and current (1.25 x string short circuit current Isc)

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